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High Speed Broadband Internet Coming to Block Island

At the Town Financial Meeting on July 27, 2020, the Town Council unanimously approved the issuance of an $8 million bond for the long-awaited island-wide broadband network. The Block Island Residents Association strongly endorsed the ISLAND WIDE BROADBAND NETWORK.

The network will connect all homes and businesses on Block Island to the mainland via the subsea cable, so that anyone who wants high-speed internet and related services such as streaming TV, and telephone services can become a subscriber. It will offer multiple tiers of service at affordable prices, and allow room to expand in the future as individual and community needs evolve.

Under a contract with the Town, the vendor team of Sertex (who built the island’s CAI Network) and Crocker Communications will operate the network under contract with the Town. Crocker is an Internet Service Provider located in western Massachusetts with 50+ years of providing communications services and 20+ years of experience providing internet access. This team will handle all aspects of network operations.


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