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Broadband Initiative –A message to the Block Island Voters.

The Block Island Residents Association strongly endorses the ISLAND WIDE BROADBAND NETWORK and the passage of the $8 million Bond Issue which would finance the construction of the Network.

Our reasons are straightforward:

  • Verizon DSL Internet Service is horse and buggy technology. It is simply too slow and sporadic to be viable to a community that is increasingly dependent upon the internet.
  • Fiber Optics to Premises is proven twenty first century technology. Islands up and down the Northeast coast have successfully installed these networks
  • Satellite internet solutions are limited and expensive
  • There is a current and growing demand for high speed internet:
    • Grandparents want virtual communication with family and grandchildren
    • Parents want access to modern entertainment, news media and educational services
    • Students want access to remote learning that is increasingly being required by schools
    • Year around and seasonal residents want to be able to work remotely
    • Businesses want access to efficient credit card processing and to promote their business
    • Young people want access to social media
    • Seniors want access to telemedicine services
    • Artistes want access to promote their creative merchandises
  • Subscribers to the Network will have flexibility to choosing what services they want – internet, telephone, TV, video streaming and more. They may choose all of the services available.
  • The monthly cost to subscribers of their chosen Network services will be less then what is available today
  • The repayment of the $8 million Bond Issue is a fair and equitable split between users of the network and taxpayer funded municipal infrastructure

BIRA urges every voter to vote Yes at the Financial Town Meting on July 27 for the ISLAND WIDE BROADBAND NETWORK.

BIRA Board of Directors

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