A BIRA Update

The Board of the Block Island Residents Association would like to keep you up to date on our current work and future plans.  BIRA had a very productive 2017 culminating in the presentation of the Island Treasure Award to Linda Closter at our annual meeting in September.

To put our plans for the coming year into context, the purposes of the Association are to serve as a medium for community, cultural, recreational and social activities; to advance the civic interests of Block Island; and to aid the residents in achieving the fullest enjoyment of Block Island’s unique natural advantages.


  • BIRA will continue to advocate and work on Block Island’s infrastructure including support of efforts to bolster and expand telecommunications and internet access; to advocate for town infrastructure; and to support the transition of BIPCO to a ratepayer non-profit organization.
  • BIRA will work on maintaining beach access while preserving and restoring sand dunes and the revetment adjacent to Corn Neck Road; will work to provide education on septic system upgrades; and will continue to support a major reduction of the island deer herd.
  • BIRA will continue its giving program for scholarships and the Block Island School; to Helping Hands and the Lunch Bunch; and to Blues on the Beach. Additionally BIRA will take the lead in coordinating the International Workers Coalition.

As board members, we encourage you to consider membership and/or to make a donation to help fund the work we do. Member benefits include a discount at numerous Block Island businesses. Annual dues are $50 for an individual. If you aren’t yet a member, please contact us at the numbers below and we’ll be happy to help you get involved. Additionally we encourage you to share your ideas with us on how together we can make a better Block Island.

We’d like to conclude by suggesting that there are many worthwhile organizations on Block Island who need our support at this time of year and would appreciate a gift from you. Organizations ranging from the Medical Center, to the Rescue Squad, to the Early Learning Center; to the Mary D. Fund; to the Historical Society; to the Nature Conservancy and Block Island Conservancy – all need your help and if you’d like to donate but need an address, just let us know.

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